Is there a backend we can use to do a fundraising with Cardano?

Hey Cardano community! Happy to be coming on-board, an e-friend sold me on Cardano, and I’ve been researching extensively for this past 1/2 year and also am beginning to realize that Cardano is def. a hit project!

My brother & I are putting together a project/business where we’ll be connected IRL cases to a Blockchain. Upon researching many various protocols, I’ve come to the conclusion that Cardano should be the one that is most scallable. At the moment I am putting together our fundraising page and necessary documents.

What am I looking for right now?

I am interested in a Cardano based backend for fundraising. So ideally a dashboard where users can register/log in to deposit ADA into the company’s wallet, see how much tokens they receive, ideally company news/updates. Just something TBH.

We maybe looking for a devop to do help us set this up
Project scope: At the beginning I need to put together this backend so that users can see what’s happening with their investments and news/updates.

After we receive our starting investing we will need to begin developing. This will include:

  • Cardano based NFTs
  • DEX Sports wagering
  • Cardano based NFT e-commerce store

Paid or voluntary: The backend setup would be voluntary (I’ll even try to set it up myself if nobody wants to help), after the initial fund raise we will be hiring devops to help with the development of the project.

Thank you in advance for reading.

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Im pretty sure you should check out Project Catalyst :smiley: