How to support Cardano projects?

Hey guys, I’m a software developer with project ideas for the Cardano blockchain. Can you please recommend some Cardano crowdfunding platform or another way to donate to Cardano projects?


Have you heard of Teiki Network, They will be on my twitter space show tomorrow cardano over coffee they are a crowd funding project on Cardano. I am just starting my research on them now.


Hey Hero!

I found this article from Teikis medium page very insightful.

I’m looking forward to today’s Cardano over Coffee Twitter space.


There are several ways to support Cardano projects.

  1. You can donate directly to the Cardano Foundation, which is the official non-profit organization responsible for the development and growth of Cardano.

  2. You can join the Cardano community and stay up to date with the progress and development of the project. By being part of the discussion, you will be able to provide valuable feedback and support the development process.

  3. You can get involved in the Cardano community by participating in meetups, hackathons, and other events. This will help to spread awareness about Cardano and its projects.

  4. You can also become a Cardano Ambassador. These people help to spread awareness about Cardano and its projects by attending events, speaking about the project, and helping to promote the project.

  5. If you have the resources, you can also make investments into Cardano-related projects and thus support the development of Cardano.


They got moved till Friday, So stop by they will be there if not I will make sure it gets on YouTube.

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The community and partnerships are a good way.

If your project is just getting started, maybe looking into other projects like what your trying to build and teaming up, that helps.

Also look into building a stake pool.

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Although I like people building their own stake pool and help Cardano to be more decentralized. They also need to take the operating cost of running a stake pool into condition. If they cannot get enough marketing for their pool. Less chance to generate blocks and will only bring the projects down