Is there any benefit to keeping ADA in the wallet versus just leaving it in the Bittrex exchange other than security?

Obviously I understand that there is more safety in a wallet, but I’m wondering if there are any other benefits to moving my ADA into a wallet over keeping it in Bittrex?

There will be many benefits in the future. Cardano will be a very rich platform.

For now there is no advantage other than security.

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The Daedalus Wallet appears to install a full local node, and I assume eventually, we will be able to stake our ADA to earn more ADA, directly from the wallet, when Shelly Era begins, perhaps March 2018.

If you leave your ADA on an exchange, you can not stake and earn. Running a node also means you are part of the diversity and resilience of the network; the more and diverse and geographically dispersed the node, the more difficult it will be to attack the network.