Is Yoroi really abandoned?

I read it on this forum somewhere that development of Yoroi has been abandoned. I checked the github repo and the latest commit is 2 month old, and most of them are older than a year. For such a security critical software in such an ever changing environment it’s strange. Then I’ve seen some knowledgeable members advising Typhon and Eternl but not Yoroi.

So is Yoroi really abandoned? Is it is, why it is the only suggested light wallet on ?


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No its not but Yoroi did have some issues when some of the key employees left Emurgo. They are trying to get on track again but as you can imagine its not that easy.


Here’s where they all went :sunglasses:

and they actually are working on a light wallet :heart_eyes:

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I see. Thank you for your answers!

I suppose the conflict was multi-asset support…

Flint works with Cardano and it’s actually better than Yoroi in many ways. It made the top 3 list for me and is one of the wallets I am integrating with my project. I am not privy to the history but it sounds like the best developers left Emurgo to build the wallet they really wanted to make possibly?


I also feel that last statement is true: not that they left because of the need to build another wallet, but because they had a more general plan for multi-chain architecture and knew they would need a particular kind of multi-chain wallet to support it, and all their pending contributions to the wallet space are being applied there.

So Flint is being designed for more general use cases than the first emerging Cardano wallets, including multi-blockchain compatibility; soon it will be able to talk to EVMs like Milkomeda without having to use MetaMask as an auxiliary interface for Ethereum addresses :nerd_face:


The Milkomeda Foundation has been in discussions with dcSpark to push for adding native Milkomeda C1 support inside of Flint Wallet

From what I know of the designers I think they may simply not have posted yet about security principles because they generally incorporate best practices about pretty much everything. So Flint is also my own tentative answer to the question in this other thread (I think my own statement here was referenced in the OP of this thread):