Issue restoring ada from Yoroi Wallet into Rewards test-net

And where please is the “restore” option on yoroi testnet ? The words “restore” do not appear until after I’ve entered the mnemonic on the " transfer funds from another wallet" page found in testnet.

I have created a yoroi wallet and shelley test net using chrome extension on Firefox. If i hit the yoroi to testnet in upper r corner, a page comes up giving options to transfer from another wallet, paper wallet, funds from another wallet etc.

I type in 15 word mnemonic ( not legacy) assuming it controls the yoroi chrome extension on Firefox wallet created for this purpose.

I then get a message " wallet is being restored" . Then the message " unable to transfer from another wallet" in red letters beneath that " an error occurred. Please try again later."

The header above had been reading all morning “warning connection to the server failed. Please check your internet connection or our Twitter account.”

My internet connection is fully functional and working.

Any suggestions? My suggestion is your testnet page isnt very intuitive . I have a Windows yoroi wallet created at the same time as the testnet , with the same balance found during the snapshot.

Can you please provide step by step instructions on the restore function that is supposed to be found in testnet? We do not transfer ada physically into testnet correct?

That’s correct, but it’s about the only one of these questions I can answer I’m afraid, I have no experience of the Yoroi testnet, I’m sorry if what I said before was misleading, hope someone else can help.

Thanks . I kept trying and it now seems to want to go through, except for the big red header at the top of the page regarding lost connection server issue I mentioned previously.

System server must be overloaded. Will just be patient and wait. My coin balances are intact.

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This note really helped!!! After weeks of trying, I am finally able to stake my ada. Thanks!!!

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