Error transferring funds on the Yoroi Testnet

I’ve created 3 wallets on the Yoroi testnet. When I started I restored my current Yoroi wallet holding my ADA instead of creating a new testnet wallet. When I realized I made the mistake, I hit previous page until I returned to the ‘Creat a New Wallet page’. Big mistake.

After opening my new wallet I was able to transfer my funds to it from the Legacy Wallet. I took a break at this point and when I returned to the computer I refreshed the wallet, only to find out that my Legacy wallet was now my active wallet and of course my balance is zero in that wallet.

I deleted the Yoroi Testnet Extension and tried to restore the new wallet I made but received an error. Then I opened a new wallet to try and transfer the funds from the 2nd wallet into it. I get to the transaction screen, hit the Send Funds button, but then an error comes up.

Does anyone know of a work around to get access back to my funds in the 2nd wallet?

I figured it out. I tried to restore the 2nd wallet I created which I already had transferred the funds to with success. Now to figure out which pool to delegate my funds.