Issue while changing metadata URL the Tigr needs your help

Hello together,

today i’ve moved my pools from the testnet to the mainnet. But during that part i was not able to update the metadata - i have no clue why - and i need your help on that.
I was able to successfully register the pools with the mainnet.
See TIGR1 and TIGR2.

After successfully registering them i wanted to prove ownership on To do it’s necessary to embedd a hash in the pools metadata.json file. I’ve stored my metadata files on github gist and shortened the address with an link (e.g. Doing so makes it impossible to change the content of the metadata.json without changing the link.

To correct that i decided to use the subdomain to link it to my metadata.json file and update my pool-reg.cert.

I’ve changed the url in the cert from “” to “” and recreated the certificate. Then it was sent as a normal transaction with normal fees. I’ve tried that multiple times, but was never successfull. The Cardano Explorer shows that my address never had a fourth transaction leaving the address.

One time i’ve got the following error returned, which makes no sense to me as the address holds 22 ADA.

cardano-cli query utxo  --mary-era  --address $(cat payment.addr) --mainnet ;
Output Result:                            TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount
62a24ecf6205eac37cca20c5e9392b2d7043d9311db148945d058e19400a3722     0      > 22025086 lovelace

cardano-cli transaction submit  --tx-file tx.signed --mainnet ;
Shelley command failed: transaction submit  Error: Error while submitting tx: ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (BadInputsUTxO (fromList [TxInCompact (TxId {_unTxId = "62a24ecf6205eac37cca20c5e9392b2d7043d9311db148945d058e19400a3722"}) 0])))),LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO (Value 0 (fromList [])) (Value 22025086 (fromList [])))))]

I dont understand why the system is telling my that there are no funds to send, even though the previous command tells there are funds. Even the Block explorer tells that.

Might it be that the ada which is still on that address might be locked due to the registered stake address ?

To answer the question, you can add that hash to the .json file on github without compromising the pool registration. Just click edit/pencil on the github page. After syncing up you can then remove that adapools hash.

Actually not. Edit means you create a new version, new verrsion means new link, new link means new short link → update registration url.

Any other idea ?

Check here:
xxx= your poolID

Read this and check everything: Stake pool is not shown in Daedalus – IOHK Support (

If your metadata is ok, then you are ok! Hat also issues since eserday with pooltool and daedalus. → They fixed it on their side.

you need to put a comma after the code you got from (also i put mine at the end of the string, after “homepage”, not sure if that matters or not) and if you edit the file on github your shorten link should be fine. I did not have to resubmit my pool cert when I added and then removed the code. Everything flowed through okay.

No, the link has a hash included. Maybe if you have a link which always points to the master of the version, then this might work. But wiht git.gist it’s just not working.

Please try and see for yourself.

I’ve checked that too, there are no errors listed.

Did you ever successfully change the url, without changing something else ?

i used the git shortener, is the address i used for my metadata url so the path didn’t change upon any modification of the .json file.

I went back through my change history to see how i captured hash to register the pool and i believe it worked when i put the # in the description line rather than on it’s own line. There is a delay in reading your new .json info so it is hard to tell what did the trick.

Hello KrakenStaking,

your url is linked with, which is a direct link to your main branch. Hence it’s a different thing than the github.gist feature and no version based link.

Thanks for sharing that. I did link it with gist and in this case have to change the url.
I will try another update in the next days, maybe it works this time. :man_shrugging:

Gotcha, I wasn’t picking up on the fact that you were linking to the exact version of your .json file. Yes I set it up to always take the most recent edit so I wouldn’t have to certify the pool again.

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