Sharing my experience when i changed my pledge and json metadata

Hi all,

I was increasing my pledge to my small stake-pool and changing the JSON metadata to add in extended URL, at the same time, I changed the JSON metadata’s filename in the cardano-cli command call

I didn’t directly upload the new JSON metadata to the homepage URL and submitted the transaction. After submission, my stake pool AIDEN is not found in the Daedalus Wallet

When I checked my pool’s error from, it’s showing that the new JSON metadata is not found

It’s my own fault and mistake as an operator. Lesson learnt and will be more careful and make sure all the files are uploaded/updated before submitting the transaction

However, there is no issue with the ADA, which I pledged to the stake-pool. It’s a great thing about staking, and you will never lose your ADA coin, which is in your wallet, bravo!

I hope my sharing can help a new operator before updating the JSON metadata

json is not as fragile as many people believe compared to the pledge - if you make a mistake in your json file, it’s easy and fast to fix it and it doesn’t really break much - it will break ability of any 3rd party to retrieve additional data about your pool (such as ticker, name etc) so you will indeed temporarily disappear from wallets and pool websites, but it will not break your participation in the network, it will not affect your delegators or your rewards or your ability to mine blocks.

Unlike that - when you break the pledge, that’s entirely different story, not committing to it for ever shortest period of time during an epoch instantly invalidates all potential rewards for whole epoch.

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Thanks @Alexd1985 for the URL to see if the Cardano Pool is working or not :+1: :+1:

Any reason why my pool [FBSD] is not found on but shown on others like adapools and pooltool? I assume may not have the most recently list of pool since mine if fairly new. Just want to make sure I did not miss anything and pool is operating optimally.



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