Pool.vet "extended" field

I would like to add the “extended” meta field to our meta JSON file so that I can add a logo on adapools (https://a.adapools.org/extended-example). We got burned in epoch 250 by changing the pledge/margin and didn’t get rewards on the block we minted. Now I’m paranoid to make ANY pool modifications. Will changing the meta file cause our pool to be ineligible to mint blocks for a determined amount of time? I assume that the answer is no but I really want to make sure prior to potentially ruining our chances this epoch. Thanks!

You will need to be very careful and make sure to generate and submit the new pool hash. We always recommend using wget and hashing the uploaded metadata as it exists online.

Also, SMASH requires some time to put metadata in cache, then Daedalus needs to run maintenance to fetch updated metadata which means your pool will not show in Daedalus until that is complete as there will be a metadata mismatch for a few hours.

As for the Pledge change, you can query the ledger state with cardano-cli and view pending pool changes (2-Epochs) as well as the current live state before moving Pledge.

Only when u will withdraw the pledge earlier than 2 epochs the pool is penalized:

Right order to decrease/withdraw/move the pledge

  • declare the new pledge
  • wait 2 epoch
  • withdraw the pledge

If u will want to move the pledge to another wallet

  • register the new wallet as pledge wallet
  • wait 2 epochs
  • move the pledge


PS: on pooltool.io or pool.pm or pool.vet if something was wrong u will see a warning … pledge not met!


Thank you all very much for the clarrification!