Itemized Transaction Summary of Staking Rewards

Question: Where can I find an itemized transaction summary of staking rewards received?

Summary: In one of my Yoroi wallets, I see under “Your Summary” I have earned “Total [Staking] Rewards” of X,XXX ADA.

However, I do not find the individual rewards listed under the “Transactions” tab.

For income tax purposes, investors must report rewards as ordinary income in the year received. This means investors need an itemized accounting of each reward, including the following,

  • Date of Receipt
  • Amount of Cryptocurrency Received
  • Value in Cryptocurrency Received
  • Value in USD Received

Because of extreme price volatility, the accounting must provide more information than just the date and amount of cryptocurrency.


The staking address pages on have a download option (near the bottom of the page) for the information you list. See this example of such a report.