Kiva spam ;)

Dang, I really feel like I am spamming people with my Kiva post’s tonight, but I think if we can grow our little team that is helping others is it really spam?
Does anybody have some experience they would like to lend to help develop a strong team on the Kiva platform?
We are slowly growing but I think some of the things that have attracted people to Cardano is in line with Kiva idea’s and I have been thinking; why are people waiting for Cardano to help developing countries if they can go help out now? Makes no good sense to me, so while we wait for Shelley I think we should push together forward and help these people before our Cardano platform is ready, then I think we ask the team to move over to a program that is on the Cardano platform just as soon as it is ready.
Anyhow - - - here is your reminder to join our team:


Spam! Flagged! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep up with the good vibes @anon20038177! Thanks for sharing and the awareness. I personally think it’s a great initiative!

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Love your enthusiasm Chris! :grin:

Not spam at all, I’m glad you’re sharing it! Its such a good project @anon20038177 :+1: