Cardano Community Kiva lending team


Join me on Kiva and help alleviate poverty by making loans as small as $25! Join my lending team, Cardano Community, so that we can work together to expand opportunity for borrowers worldwide, and later we can lobby Kiva to work with Cardano.


I decided to sign up today, would be nice if we could get them to work alongside Cardano.


@RobJF How do I join the team?


@RobJF Never mind, I got it


I’m in! I have signed up and donated. Thanks Rob.


Welcome Sally, and congratulations on being forum New User of the Month!

After one week’s existence we have six members who between them have made 18 loans!

Cardano Community Team info


neat traction for the short times it’s been up. i think i’ve heard charles mention kiva in the past. here’s to hoping it gathers more momentum and the eventual cardano integration!


Interesting article…

Cardano Community Fundraiser

Here we go… :grinning:


If you haven’t already, join the Cardano Community team before you lend!


After one month the team has 7 members who have made 22 loans totaling $825. Thanks a lot guys. More info here:


This tiny loan needs just a couple more lenders @ $25 each

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