Greetings from Russia

Hello everyone, I’m Darya and happy to join the community. I was wondering whether there are any grant programs for blockchain dev teams building on Cardano? Or bounty programs?:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Darya! We are happy you joined the ever growing and vibrant community :slight_smile: i doubt there is but that is just sheer speculation on my part. Anways Welcome to the forum and all the best!

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Thanks! Hope there will be some soon!

You’d need to speak to IOHK about that. You might like to look at the careers page as well.

Welcome to the forum @Darya! Great to have you!

@maki.mukai Hello, Maki! Could you probably suggest smth re my question? Are there any RFPs, grant or dev opportunities?

I’ve recently sent a request to IOHK but got no answer. Tnx!:slight_smile: