KYC/AML/CFT compliance for Cardano, Decentralized Identities, Tangem Cards

Guys, maybe some of you know the answer to these questions.

(1) How & when will KYC/AML/CFT policies be enforceable on Cardano transactions in the context of transactional metadata?

(2) What kind of support will Cardano give for decentralized identities (such as DID Compliance)?

(3) Tangem off-chain transactions (exchange of Tangem cards) is a really cool & neat feature, but is that not a huge regulatory risk at the same time? How will this risk be mitigated, will their be any sort of limitations put in place for Tangem cards?

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I am really uncertain whether offline transactions handing over Tangem cards (changing ownership) between private individuals loaded with crypto (beyond certain fiat value), will be regulatory compliant.

Does anyone have any up to date information on this?

Any news on the durability of these NFC enabled cards?