Need Help Understanding Cardano's Coinfirm/FATF Partnership: Is on-chain KYC/AML being implemented?

I don’t know where to put this post; but I genuinely am concerned and need help understanding the partnership with Coinfirm. Originally I asked a bunch of questions in a sub-thread but decided it boils down to:

Does this now mean there is going to be on-chain KYC/AML baked in?

And if so what does that look like? (This is the post I wrote of what I worry it will look like: Here ) If anyone could help me understand what is happening and what this means going forward, that would be appreciated.

How can Charles H. do this unilaterally? I thought ADA was decentralized and one person deciding something as big as this could not be done without community support. Is ADA not truly decentralized, or is this something that has to be voted in?

If this does not create on-chain KYC/AML then why would Cardano Foundation partner with Coinfirm? There must be something that Coinfirm gains in this partnership, is it just help with code, or is it help with integrating Coinfirm into the ADA network for on-chain KYC/AML?

This deeply concerns me because FATF is an unelected group of people, whose main goal is mass surveillance and seizing assets based on arbitrary definitions that can include good people too. Browsing social forums has not helped in gauging the room’s temperature and opinion on this as the general consensus is everyone is happy about it and supportive of this kind of surveillance.

Me personally, I would just like more clarification and understanding on what this actually means so I can make proper decisions moving forward.


Hi @stormguard,

I believe the video that C.H. recently published (link) may help address most (if not all) of your questions/concerns.

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