KYC and AML on ADA

Hello, I am thinking of investing into ADA as it seems like an extremely exciting project but would like to know what KYC and AML was done by Attain Corp when the ICO happened? This is part of my due diligence before investing in any tokens in case there are any legal ramifications further down the line. Can anyone help and tell me what KYC and AML was done on the ICO and is there any legal opinion that this was done legally? Thanks a lot for your help. VB

I know Charles has mentioned that name, age, address and a copy of a valid passport were all requirements. I am not sure as far as income level, tax status, or investment experience. The fact is that the Cardano Foundation were the first to implement any kind of KYC/AML requirements into their ICO methodology. If Cardano gets the crackdown, then the whole industry is going to suffer as every other coin will likely be going through the same world of hurt.


In the there is some information. These are the links to the information related to the ICO and KYC was handled: