Leadship schedule appears when using cardano-cli but not from cntools

For a quick background, I’m current using cntools for pool operation and have minted several blocks until now. So I just upgraded my node from 1.34.1 to 1.35.3. Normally, I do not have a problem checking the pool leadership schedule with cntools or by looking from gLiveview. However, I noticed that if I run the command

CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH='<socket-path>' cardano-cli query leadership-schedule --mainnet --genesis <path-to-genesis> --stake-pool-id "<stake-pool-id>" --vrf-signing-key-file <path-to-vrf.skey> --next --out-file leader.txt

I get to see that the pool is scheduled to make blocks (I masked the time for obvious reason)

cat leader.txt 
        "slotNumber": 6994XXXX,
        "slotTime": "2022-08-26TXX:XX:XXZ"
        "slotNumber": 7002XXXX,
        "slotTime": "2022-08-27TXX:XX:XXZ"

The above output from running cardano-cli does show that the pool is scheduled for blocks. But when I checked from gLiveview or cntools, it didn’t show any. I think I already updated prereqs.sh file to the most recent one so I have no idea why this happened.

I just noticed that my cncli version was v3.1.4. I will try to update cncli to v5.1.1 and try again.
Turns out that this is the solution.

The last version of cncli is v4.0.4… :thinking:

Actually cncli has moved to here:

Latest version is v5.1.2.