Ledger Broken not turning on, How can i access my ADA?

Is there a way to access my ADA in ADALITE without my ledger? When i try to connect to my ADALITE using Mnemonic it shows that my wallet is empty. Im guessing thats because im entering my ledgers mnemonic pharses into ADALITE which isn’t the same? Is there a solution to this or do i have to get a new ledger and log in to ledger using my recovery phrases and then connect to ADALITE ?

You need to get a (new or repaired) working Ledger and put the mnemonic in there, then connect that new device to Adalite.

Never enter the mnemonic in any other device than a Ledger. It totally eradicates the reason of using a hardware wallet (keys and secrets never leaving the hardware). The seed phrase is your main secret, is everything that is needed for completely controlling your wallet. It should exist only in the Ledger hardware and as a backup on paper (or steel or whatever) in a safe place and never get in contact with a smartphone, a computer or something else connected to the Internet.

The chances that your computer or Adalite were infected with malware or hacked in this specific case are not that astronomic (would be very bad luck to have a hardware failure and a hack at the same time), but you should perhaps move your funds to a new wallet, a new seed phrase afterwards, anyway.

The only way is to buy another ledger and restore it with this seed words… u can’t restore the cardano wallet on daedalus/yoroi/adalite/etc using the ledger seed words… not compatible.


Thank you guys for the help . Seeing an empty wallet freaked me out !