Missing ADA in adalite from edger?

Hi. I just logged into my adalite account through my ledger X. Adalite is showing a zero balance and zero transaction history. This is not true. I have not logged into adalite for over a month. I have updated nano firmware and cardano update in ledger. I have the withdraw email from binance from when i withdrew my ADA from binance to my adalite wallet. Yet the address from my binance email is not found on etherscan. ?? I am at a loss of what happened, where my coins are, and how to have them back in my wallet?! HELP!!!

OK!! So, i found my coins. Here is what happened for other folks who may run into a similar problem. I was trying to load my adalite through my ledger. That brought 0 balance. I then tried to load it through my mnemonic pass phrase. This worked! So basically i was going through the wrong channel to access my adalite wallet. PHEW disaster averted!!!

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Welcome @bwits8 great to see you here :vulcan_salute:

I can not say what kind of problem there was, but please be aware of the fact that by entering your mnemonic passphrase into Adalite, you literally burned the security concept of your hardware wallet.

Please use this chance and dig into these things: what is a cold wallet, what is hot wallet, attack vectors and security implications and best practises.

Once you feel comfortable you should generate a new seed for your hardware wallet and move everything there. (Keep the โ€œburnedโ€ one as well, in case you need it or made a mistake)

Always feel free to ask questions here of course, @bwits8


The issue here was that the OP probably originally created AdaLite mnemonic wallet instead of accessing through ledger. Ledger seed wont work.


Thank you for your clarification, that makes a lot of sense. I thought it would be also possible to import Ledger seed words, but that is good to know.

Ledger derivation of keys is different to what we use on Cardano (read - they have different seeds). On the other hand, Trezor has the same derivation scheme (at least for the 15 words passphrase) so it should be possible (although not recommended) to load up the wallet from the seed in any compatible wallet (Daedalus, AdaLite, Yoroi)