Zero balance when accessing through Nano X

Hi AdaLite

I am having issues with Adalite showing zero balance when accessing through Nano X. I added ADA through Binance 29/3/2021

Can you please help?


Hi @Tim_Kelleher ,

This is not adalite but a member of the cardano community.

Didn’t you have a non-hardware wallet at the moment you sent your ada from binance?
In other words you might have first had a normal wallet, sent your ada to it, then you bought a hw wallet and installed it. When you do this, a new cardano wallet is created. This is not the same as the previous one. You need to access your old wallet and send the ada to your hw wallet.

If this was the case then you must have the recovery phrase of the first wallet. Recover this wallet in adalite first. Then copy a receiving address from your hw wallet and send your ada to it.

If this is too daunting, no worries. Feel free to contact me or the community for more help.