Did I lose my ADA on Adalite after recovering Ledger S?

Hi, struggling with becoming known to the world of cryptocurrency. I didn’t install my Ledger S the right way, so I had to reset. Ledger advised to put my crypto on a temporary account, so I used Adalite. After resetting Ledger and installing the Cardano account, Adalite (of course) doesn’t recognize my Ledger. Does this mean I lost all my ADA? I don’t have a Mnemonic, because of using a hardware wallet. Anyone has a fix?

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Hi @Rfsss ,

So as far as I understand, you already have ADA in your Adalite paired with Ledger? Then you want to do reset.

Kindly follow the official website article to reset : Reset to factory settings – Ledger Support.

Then you need to Restore from recovery phrase – Ledger Support

At the end, just connect your Ledger Nano S or X and pair it with Adalite/Yoroi/Daedalus. Your ADA should be there.

If you don’t restore your Ledger from recovery phrase, then you will have different wallet of course (a new one). ADA will shown as 0 (it’s a new wallet).

Hope it helps.

Your account of events is somewhat confusing. Please tell us what you did step by step e.g.

  1. Connected Ledger to ADALite
  2. Transferred ADA from Exchange to Ledger Account
  3. Reset Ledger with a different mnemonic

Your ADA is not on Ledger nor on ADALite - it is on the Blockchain. If you have the private key (possibly stored in Ledger) you can unlock those ADA. If nobody has that private key, nobody can access those coin.

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Thanks @andreassosilo. I already did the Ledger recovery, so in fact I have a new wallet. I can’t get into Adalite, because it doesn’t recognize my wallet. The question is how to get into Adalite and to put my ADA on my new wallet (Ledger S)…

@tomdx, thanks. This is what I did:

  1. Connected Ledger to ADALite
  2. Transferred ADA from Exchange to Ledger Account
  3. Because of reset Ledger transferred ADA from Ledger to Adalite
  4. Did a reset on Ledger S, got a new seed phrase

Private key won’t be on Ledger because of the reset. So now I can’t connect Ledger to ÄDAlite.

Did you really restore your Ledger using your 24 seed phrase? If you did, the private key in your Ledger should be the same. And Adalite/Yoroi/Daedalus should recognize it when you connect & pair your Ledger Nano.

Kindly answer what @tomdx wrote above. I am quite confused with the events. Step-by-step would be great for us to understand your problem more. Thank you.

This is the problem. Don’t use or create the new seed phrase. Restore Ledger using your old seed phrase. Read article: Restore from recovery phrase – Ledger Support

If you rely lost the seed phrase that your Ledger used to derive the address from at which your ADA is now sitting, you also lost those ADA. I can only hope that this isn’t the case.

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@tomdx : usually when you first get your Ledger Nano S or X, they give you 3 pcs of sheet paper to write down your 24 words (seed phrase). So if @Rfsss did that, it should be fine.

Yes, we can only hope so

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Thanks guys. I followed the steps Ledger adviced when losing your seed phrase.

  1. Immediately send all your crypto assets to temporary accounts, like an exchange service or another hardware wallet.
  2. Enter three wrong PIN codes to [reset your Ledger Nano S.
  3. Set up your Ledger Nano S as a new device.
  4. Then transfer back your crypto assets to your newly configured device.

According to your answers, this is not the right way, so I lost all my ADA?

It asks you to create a temporary account i.e. an account that you can access without the Ledger in question. Do you have the seed phrase for that account? Perhaps you (incorrectly) sent your ADA to a different address on the Ledger and not to an account independent of the Ledger?

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I sent my ADA to ADAlite, which depends on the Ledger. No ADAlite seed phrase. Due to the steps Ledger advised, I expected transferring back was no problem…

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@Rfsss , kindly answer these questions:

  • When you get your Ledger for the first time, did your write down the 24 words in the paper sheet?
  • If yes, did you enter that 24 words during resetting, check Step 3: 1. Your device will display Processing and then Your device is now ready once you’ve successfully restored your private keys. → as I posted above: follow this step Restore from recovery phrase – Ledger Support
  • Don’t care about the Adalite. Do the resetting correctly first on your Ledger.

If you lost your 24 words, then I could not help you further.

Of course you will not get any seed phrase from Adalite. No need for that if you have hardware wallet.

Well, you seem to have a conceptual miss-understanding …

There is no concept of sending your ADA from one wallet to another. All your do is send your ADA from one Address on the blockchain to another. The Ledger instructions asked you to send your ADA to an address that the Ledger does NOT control (i.e. a temporary account).

You should have sent your ADA back to the exchange or create a new wallet on ADALite with its own 24-word seed phrase. The point is that your ADA must be moved away from an address that the Ledger controls, because you want to reset it to control a different address space with a different 24-word seed phrase.

Did you rely not write down those 24-words that you originally used?


I think he only reseted the ledger… not restored with the old seed words

but doesn’t matter, u should be able to connect on adalite with the new wallet (u will see 0 funds)… but u are saying u get an error messsge

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I know @Alexd1985 … the problem is we don’t know if he wrote down the old seed phrase in a paper.

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No, that’s why I did a reset. Expensive miss-understanding. I’m gonna have a little cry and move forwards. Thanks for your help.


Then I am so sorry to hear that. Hope that you will continue your crypto journey with Cardano :pray:t2: