Ledger Live Seems A Central Point Of Control For Collecting Private Keys

I have been concerned about Ledger for some time because if you need to update the Cardano app on your Ledger device you need to use the Ledger Live application. I never acted on my concern because I never felt they had any incentive to use this central point of control against their customers. Now I feel they do.

At any time, Ledger can force customers to opt into their private key sharing scheme or deny us access to update our Ledger device. I think that sooner or later, world governments (all controlled by the world’s central banking cartel) will force Ledger to collect our private keys or deny us access to our Ledger devices.

I don’t think this will happen right away but I do feel it is certain to happen as the cartel’s power increases.

Of course there are ways to convert the Ledger seed phrase to a Daedalus seed phrase but most people will not know how to do it.

Anyway, for me it’s time to move away from Ledger.

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