Ledger support announcement today

I saw in an interview with ledger and ivan on tech ledger suport will be anounced today…

Two hours from now, 9.30 EST, 13.30 GMT.

Finally… I got my Ledger over a year ago and still haven’t used it…

We still need to wait for Yoroi to enable this feature, right?

Cite: “Cardano’s Ada Now Supported By Ledger - Integration with Yoroi Wallet Available”


Thank you, I have missed that.

Worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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It works very well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information!

Worked perfectly…

So if I get this right: If my PC breaks down, I’ll be able to restore the wallet using the Ledger.

When my Ledger breaks down, I have the private key written down, to restore my wallet when I buy a new ledger?

Can send to Ledger without Yaroi?

So it looks like the only way to use the Ledger is through Yaroi? Looks like you cant just use the Ledger Live app as far as I can tell. Guess I will just wait for now.

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