Let me play Devil's Advocate for a minute - To Buy tADA on the tesnet

I have observed many post’s of people looking to participate in the testnet and I have to wonder how many people have read those post’s and cannot participate that have chosen not to comment cause they fully understand already that they cannot participate based on not having ADA in a wallet during the snapshot.
Is it possible some very genius programmers missed the 2nd snapshot and now are waiting to hear if a 3rd will be available so they can contribute to testing to become familiar and participate? Or maybe a business executive looking to do something similar to what New Balance instituted missed the snapshot and wants to be a part of our growth? Who knows? Question Everything!

Well folks, maybe these people need to think outside the box a little and Question Everything!

Question Everything!

They can participate if they so choose to buy - borrow - or beg some tADA (Test ADA) from someone that currently holds tADA on the test network, all they need to do is create a ITN wallet and have someone send tADA to it, If they choose the route to buy I think to do so they will need to utilize a trusted financial intermediary to prevent being scammed or buy from a trusted party (which could prove to be quite difficult not knowing who to trust).

I think the test network needs more user’s right now, more pool operators to challenge the specifications of the ITN protocol and challenge the Pool Operators themselves, more transactions to be processed to add to the data of the blocks being created, and maybe some serious social stress on what is at stake - most people are not looking at tADA as real ADA - and it is not - but the rewards are real and if someone is willing to buy your tADA then the value of that tADA rises, let me buy a small portion of your tADA based on what I think the price of the rewards it brings me will be when I can receive it on mainnet :wink:

I will welcome DM on the subject and I do hope that this thread gains a little traction.

And remember to Question Everything! :sunglasses:

Ya… @vantuz-subhuman sorry to bring your tweet into this, its for posterity, basically encouraged the thought of the post, why ask why?

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