LINUX QUESTION: Running cardano-cli cold machine


My issue is that I do not know how to execute cardano-cli on my cold machine to make cold keys.

I have Ubuntu on a bootable USB that boots well. I have copied my cardano-node directory from a separate USB flash drive to the Documents folder on the cold machine.

OK, this is where I am stuck … I know DOS and Windows at an ‘expert’ level, but I do not know how to make cardano-cli run. *I do not know what a LINUX executable file looks like … I can’t tell which file is the executable and what is the default directory for it?

Any suggestions are welcome.

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commands can be called with pointing to them like: /home/user/cardano/cardano-cli

or go to that folder where the cardano-cli executable with cd /home/user/cardano
Then you can use the current folder as path ./cardano-cli

Hi @laplasz,

OK, this clarifies things.

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or there is a PATH environment variable and if the path of the executable is defined in this env variable then you can call the script without the path, like cardano-cli

This is great info and I’m close but still struggling to get cardano-cli to execute on my cold machine. The files have execute permission, I’m not running from USB any more… It has to be the environiment variables. Working on those in the next few hours …

I just spent the last amount of time reinstalling Ubuntu n times where n is >20, configuring partitions, and configuing file systems on my cold machine. I had no idea what grub was until it bit me in the arse yesterday … Lots of good learning experiences … Lots of time to understand and get it right …