List of Cardano accomplishments - I just read Cardano has only released "a wallet"

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Hi, I’m a super Cardano fan, and I have this idea that I want to share and see if you think it’s a good idea and want to collaborate.
Basically, the idea is to elaborate a list of things Cardano has accomplished, to have for ourselves and to share as an answer to false claims like the one in my title. I’m assuming some of those are not trolls but instead uninformed people. Maybe later we could develop a list of things that are in progress, separate, because I really think most people don’t grasp the scope of the ecosystem that they are building.
I propose to elaborate here that first list of already accomplished and finished things. I can start and then edit with your comments.
I think it would be nice to have them in chronological order too, and a brief (5-10 words) explanation or subtitle to each thing in the list.
I’m not technical and don’t have much memorized, so I can start with very little. This is much more about collaborating than my Cardano knowledge. Also I’m Spanish, so my English is far from perfect.
Feel free to copy paste and make it your own. My goal is to come up with a version of it that is as complete, accurate and simple as possible, to share. It could be an image too once is finished.

   Cardano Achievements

1. 40+ Peer reviewed academic papers.
1.0.1 20+ accepted in major top-tier conventions and gone through peer review.
1.0.2 These are an open source gift to our space
1.0.3 The objective is to study first, research, elaborate theory, have it reviewed and improve it, then build from the ground up from that

*1.1 About Proof of Stake*
	1.1.1 Solved how to achieve a network as probably secure (at least) as Bitcoin's network with it's Proof of Work
	1.1.1 Solved how to achieve decentralization of 1000 pools (or more)
	1.1.2 Solved how to operate a pool with around 100$ of hardware
	1.1.3 Solved how to have a network that consumes in it's totality an estimate somewhere between an average hotel and an average house

*1.2 About Treasury*
	1.2.1 Solved how to delegate voting, vote as a community who gets paid for doing what
	1.2.2 Solved how to be an open community that anyone is able to propose changes and can be heard

*1.3 About scaling*
	1.3.1 Solved how to increase speed as more users use the network

*1.4 About interoperability*

2. Daedalus wallet
2.1 Paper wallet support

3.1 The first Cardano testnet
3.2 Write smart contracts easily on Cardano from many other programming languages
3.3 Executable form of the semantics of the EVM
3.4 Specified in the K-framework

4.1 The second Cardano testnet, a virtual machine (VM)
4.2 Makes it easier to write secure smart contracts on Cardano by supporting direct compilation from Solidity and more languages
4.3Serves as a uniform lower-level platform for translating and executing smart contracts from higher-level languages

5. Icarus
5.1 Rust programming language based codebase for light client wallets
5.2 Yoroi and ADALite light wallets use Icarus
5.3 Very secure and light weight

6. Yoroi wallet
6.1 Ledger S and Trezor support
6.2 Chrome, Brave and Firefox extensions. Android and iOS apps

7. Marlowe programming language
7.1 Marlowe was designed to be used by people working in finance and different other fields that requires no experience in programming
7.2 Marlowe free online course in Udemy

8. Plutus programming language
8.1 Plutus requires programming knowledge but it allows you to create complex smart contracts using programming paradigms
8.2 Plutus programming language digital book
8.3 Plutus free online course in Udemy
8.4 Plutus playground

9. Locally training engineers to develop Apps for Cardano
9.1 Successfully locally trained many (1st batch was 30) engineers in developing nations

10. Prepaid card in South Korea
10.1 Developed by Metaps+, a subsidiary of Emurgo and Metaps
10.2 With it people can trade Cardano (ADA) at over 30,000 merchants and outlets in South Korea

11. Emurgo’s partnership with Y2X
11.1 Y2X is a leading digital merchant bank for the decentralized economy
11.2 Emurgo became the anchor investor of Y2X
11.3 Cardano as the protocol for all portfolio firms within the Y2X management to promote the the technology, particularly in the STOs regulated field

12. Emurgo’s partnership with dLab
12.1 For it’s startup accelerator and venture studio that explores new topics in decentralization and blockchain technology
12.2 Powered by SOSV and Emurgo from Cardano

13. Tangem cards partnership
13.1 This are nfc cards to recieve, carry and spend ADA paired with your phone

14. Atala
14.1 An enterprise solution to do all kinds of data what Bitcoin did to money
14.2Decentralization, privacy, control, security and trust are it’s core characteristics
14.3 Being built to have interoperability with Cardano, this will eventually provide on ramps and access opportunities for adoption on Cardano

   **Honorable mentions**

• Cardano uses two parallel development clients, one in Haskell and another in Rust. Two different teams. This helps have a faster, more reliable development and also each client is better for different uses.
• Cardano operates from 3 different entities. IOHK, Emurgo and The Cardano Foundation. This achieves focus, decentralization within the Cardano development and resilience.
• Charles Hoskinson, Cardano co-founder, hosts periodical AMA's on his YouTube personal channel. It achieves great communication with the community.
• Cardano keeps usually at number 1 for Github commits. They are real work, you can check the code.
• Everything that Cardano makes is open source, so it's also an accomplishment for the whole space, not just for Cardano.
• There are different 3rd-party multi-currency wallets supporting Cardano, like Infinito and Atomic.