Any comment?


Although I feel that Cardano is an amazing idea but it lacks the right implementation. They haven’t completely developed their platform and still need documentation and unit tests.

Cardano’s main codebase cardano-sl has been under development since Sep 25, 2016.


Unit Tests:

Anyway, love to see any critical comment on Cardano like that so that I could buy the dips :slight_smile:

I really want one constructive comment. I know that Cardona is in their beginning and it has great potential in near future.
But, honestly, I want to read good comment, since I want to write back to that quora guy. I think that bad propaganda is not good for cardano beginnings because for most average investors it is still difficult to understand their documents, goals,…etc. So they prefer investing in simpler and more understandable projects.
I am Cardona holder and I also want to contribute something constructive so that cardana will benefit from community even more.

So, if I am troll, sheeeeez, I am wondering and questioning myself who is not.

I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s just one opinion among thousands on the web, quotes “Steemit” rather than an actual author so not very savvy…

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That Abishek is another troll who lost all credibility by implying he can magically know and specify something as subjective as the true value of a coin… Since he specifically mentioned IOTA, he is most likely a bitter IOTA hodler who looks too much at market cap rankings. I downvoted him because his attack angle is too low.

Just Cardano mate. It’s simple :slight_smile:

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