List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)

See this post:

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Please see the post above your’s.

Could we set up a poll around where people are planning to stake. Would be fun to see the distribution, but also a nice heads up to the different stake pool owners that traffic is imminent, so get aligned :slight_smile:

I’ll be staking with the guys that have given to the community :+1:

Hi all, as this is a popular topic. I’ve decided to help keep things going. I’ve added a comment from myself to the bottom of the post, so please read up!

So if anyone wants to be added to the list then please comment below and tag me directly with the name and/or website for your stake pool @Josh_Munday

:warning: Also to note, safety is critical during this time so please all take a moment to read over the safety series from the foundation Here :cardano:

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Done :white_check_mark::laughing:


i thought it was not allowed to use the name of cardano or ada in de the of the staking pools…

Interesting, please explain. This is literally the first words on usage from their page, " ‘Cardano’ or ‘ada’ can be included in a stake pool name." Our pool clearly doesnt represent nor exagerate like officialcardanostakepool, etc respecting usage rules. It also says no affiliation on our homepage.

In terms of logo and marks please check out this recent post from the Cardano Foundation Here :laughing:

Again, please provide clarity, not a link to explain where “it is not allowed”.

To be honest, support from the community is helpful and needed and I have appreciate your feedback. As a community member we support eachother.

In terms of the pool name you provided to me above, I see no issues with it. :+1:

But if your still in doubt then send the CF an email, they’re happy to help :grin:

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Just a good domain, thats all. Has that , “Darn, shoulda used that name” quality. :wink:

A recommendation:

It would be very positive and would help a lot if you make it clear in a footnote that the email subscription is NOT for delegating. Many people get confused and believe that by sign up, they are already participating in the stake. This should apply to all stake pool sites.


The subscription does NOT apply to the delegation. The staking can only be carried out from habilitated wallets, and NOT through email subscriptions. And don’t share sensitive personal information, even if someone asks for it.



Added on homepage.

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Please can you list my site:

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Done :white_check_mark:

Thanks Josh :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi can you add my pool?

Cardano Hawaii Pool


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