List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)

Yes, and they’re stated the following: Current benchmarks indicate that we cannot have more than around 20 core nodes, means 20 well-protected Pools, but he also mentioned in some of his videos, that they would like to have around 100 (I assume 200 is more optional means ~0.5% shares). Do not get confused w/ the relay nodes).

If you saw this, he gives some numbers - but… i would think its better to wait for official info - and start making conclusions than

Yes, I watched it when it came out, I am just trying to figure out the big picture by collecting the puzzles, but it does not mean that I am on the right path as it’s constantly changing every day, Therefore they could come up w/ a conclusion/decision which could be a complete opposite of that what we know today.

But, IMHO the evenly distributed Pools is the go as Pools are SPOF and if somebody can take over the largest one which would be just one Core, then we can be in situation what I would just call Holly Sh*t. But, if they’re evenly distributed, then it does not matter if one or two or even 10 goes down at the same time.

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In addition, there are no monetary incentives for the stakeholders to be in the largest pool, as they will receive only as much ADA as their portion, means an evenly distributed Pool will process at least ~400slots/day even they just have 0.5% shares as It’s a kind of linear function and not an exponential one like the cumulative interest. The only incentive is for the Pool’s provider as they will earn more if they are able to grow.

I meant to grow in percentages and not in numbers.

What’s the story?

No story. They are outsource team. They have contracted with IOHK to deliver Cardano SL. They have delivered Cardano SL. Contract ended. Now IOHK contracted with some other team that has engineers of different specialisation.

Afterwards Serokell said that they are big fans of Cardano themselves, and gonna support its development from community side of things (building dApps and infrastructure). I think they are great team and gonna be one of the active proposers for the future treasury and gonna receive good votes and funds to make Cardano even better.

As their token of love and appreciation for the project, they are launching the staking pool:


Can anyone Explain to me what a staking pool does?

You delegate your stake to a staking-pool in the same way how miners delegate their hash-power to a mining-pool. Pool runs a full-node for you, and is responsible for creation of blocks, and you (optionally) receive a profit, proportional to your delegated stake.


thank you. I sort of get it…

but this latest staking pool. seems a little fishy…

if Serokel is based out of Estonia

why is Heph’s twitter in Italy?

Serokell is an international company with employees from multiple countries.
If you have any doubts in them, I’m sure you can contact them thru information from their website: and they will happily resolve any misunderstanding.

Serokell team was one the IOHK contractors. They done wonderful job on Cardano SL and earned great respect of the community. Next time, please try using forum-searching to find any already existing information on topics you are interested in.

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Hello! Please can you add Planet Cardano to the list. We are based in London. Our website is and we are on Twitter @PlanetCardano. Many thanks!

Guys, sorry for being late!

I’ve added:


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Next time, please try not to discourage people from asking questions. fraciscv questions seems unique to them.


Agree. My bad. Came out waaay harsher than I intended. Long days. Sorry for that and will try to be more encouraging from now on.


@rickymac and @vantuz-subhuman …I really like the civility and humbleness displayed in this exchange…thanks for that.
I have seen some other posts and responses in this forum that really turned me off…I did not want to make that a topic of discussion…I just felt I needed to say it.
Thanks again.


Many thanks Adam much appreciated!

Hey. We are a remote company, actually. :slight_smile:

To address your concerns - Hephaestus twitter location is set in Siciliy, Italy, because Mt. Etna is located there. And according to Greek mythology, that is where Hephaestus lived. I hope you will forgive us this little indulgence. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi. The fee structure is not done yet, but we will note the persons that signed up in the mailing list, and return to them any extra income we might have got from running the pool. (Essentially, we will run the pool for free for the first month.)


That sounds good…:muscle:

aka Dumping

how about we all try to run it fo free, to see who lasts longer :sunglasses:

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