List of Cardano Growing Partnerships

Is there a list of Cardano partnerships collected on a blog or forum page? Existing, on going or MOU’s and being added to? Not been able to find one so far and would love to see the growng partnership biz development on one page… perhaps added to the bottom of the flagship website.


Agreed. An amalgamated list would be great at this point. :smiley: :v:t4:

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For Emurgo see here:

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Maybe somebody in the community would like to keep on top of developments regarding Cardano partnerships and publish the information somewhere… :wink:

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Thanks @RobJF for both replies. Was specifically after partnership list via the cardano site which could I guess be the Emurgo news pages but not quite the same. Appreciate the support with the latter suggestion. I am sure someone somewhere could continually collate all the relevant partnerships to reflect the far reaching influence of Cardano as it matures.

I think this is one of the things that can fall into the cracks between the big three Cardano orgs.

However, it might be that Emurgo partnerships are the most important anyway. This is a major part of Emurgo’s remit, whereas many IOG* partnerships won’t be directly relevant to Cardano, and I don’t think CF (which manages is in the partnership game, or not to the same extent (apart from with IOG and Emurgo obvs).

* IOG itself is not necessarily working with Cardano long term!

Found a partnership list on the site but believe this could be expanded to include the latest for example COTI (ADAPay), Travala etc. I think I was more after a page or section with instantly recognizable ‘hyperlinked’ brand logos to catalogue & illustrate, rather than the suggested news aspect. Maybe the list shown in the screenshot could either be supported, replaced or expanded upon.

I’ve changed the category of this thread to Feedback, which is what it is, wish I’d thought of that earlier.

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