Long term inactivity - anything to be aware of?

Help I have been away from the project for a while and now wanted to look at getting up to date. My holdings are in the daedalus desktop wallet which I haven’t opened in 3+ years. Any tips on what I need to do in order to get up to date? Will opening daedalus sort all the updates out for me?

after updates you will stil b in byron,must create a new shelly era wallet ,hopefully you have everthing spending&seeds(12words).think your wallet will telll you step by step forward🤔.new shelly going to be24 words seed✌more save.
3 years away long time bro,since i made my wallet (2017) have put on the wallet every week ones,never been out of touch with mr charles hoskinson​:grin::grin::giraffe::giraffe: but anyway welcome back​:+1:

I recommend you to do the process with Daedalus, and take note of you new 24 seed words.