Old wallet update

Hi there, i’m having trouble with my wallet. It’s stuck in connecting to network for some time now.
I haven’t opened it in some time now, and i think it’s out of date (daedalus 0.12.1#

I’ve talk to the support team and they recommend updating to latest version but i have a few concerns:
-I don’t know the recovery phrase, or at least i think i don’t, i found an old text with a 25 word phrase an i read that for cardano is 12 -24 or 27?
-i’m afraid if i update the wallet i lose the old wallet and any chance of accessing my coins

any advice on how to handle the update is welcomed


Hi Numultumesc,

I’m glad you approached the forum for advice.

The old Daedalus wallets are 12 seed words, have a good look around for them. Hopefully it should be somewhere, when creating a wallet for the first time it requires the user to record the seed words and enter them back into the wallet to prove this was done, prior to the wallet being accessed.

Yes the version you have does not work anymore, you are required to update to access your funds.

Now, firstly do not uninstall your version of Daedalus, your funds will be lost if you can’t find your seed words.

There are a few options I would try, you can either download the Daedalus Flight version on your same PC, then try seed words if you find them. If they work you can update your daedalus. Flight version of Daedalus is where IOG send releases for public testing prior to Daedalus release.


You could get Yoroi, create a Shelley era wallet, as you will need to create one to stake. Then go to the claim / transfer section in yoroi to enter your seed words to transfer your funds to that wallet.

If you can’t find your seed words, unfortunately for now you are not able to access your funds. It is very important to keep your seed words safe. However, not all is lost… at some point (no date known) there will be an import feature on daedalus where you can restore a wallet from a previous version of Daedalus, as long as the info is still on your computer. That’s why you shouldn’t delete your current Daedalus.

Hope this helps with some options and even better if you find your 12 seed words.

I’m not sure what 25 seed words are for;

Ledger Hardware wallet - 24 or 27 seed words
Daedalus Byron era - 12
Daedalus shelley era - 24
Yoroi - 15
I’m not sure what Trezor hardware wallet is


Thank you for your time and patience.

I’ll dig deeper for the seed phrase but i’m 95% i’ve lost it so my only chance now backup every file in the Daedalus wallet (just copy/paste them to a different location) so i’m covered if my laptop cracks and wait for the wallet import update.

Can we speed up things with a protest or a petition? :slight_smile:


If you could submit a support ticket via the zendesk, it allows IOHK know the demand for this feature, if a high demand it will go up the priority list https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Done! They are asking me if i lost my spending password :man_facepalming:

Because you would need your spending password to import your funds. It would be used to access your private keys on your computer. Without your spending password your funds are definitely lost

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The spending password is the one that you set up manually ?

Yes. When you restore your funds you basically put in a code (seed words) so the user interface (wallet) you’re using knows where to look on the blockchain for your funds. The wallet then stores the private keys and public keys on your computer, or hardware wallet. Those keys are what you need access to whenever you want to send ada away from your wallet. To protect those keys on your computer they need to be encrypted, this is what the spending password does. So every time you send ada you’re required to enter your set spending password to decrypt your private keys which gives authorisation for your funds to be sent.

This is why you can set different spending passwords when ever you restore your wallet using your seeds, you’re simply setting an encryption passphrase to protect your private keys on that device.

So to access your funds the only thing you need are your seed words, which locates your funds on the blockchain.

The reason you need your spending password to import with the latest daedalus, is because your private keys are already on your computer, however to import your funds you need to decrypt those keys, which it does using your spending password you set.

Otherwise anyone could just get on your computer, install a new daedalus or wallet and select import.

Hope this makes some sense

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