Daedalus Wallet updates


I am a beginner, when there is Daedalus Wallet update, how do I correctly update the wallet so I don’t lose any coins?

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The only thing you need to recover your wallet is the 12-word recovery phrase you have seen and was told to write down during your initial wallet setup. The current v1 does clearly say "It (the pass-phrase) can be entered in any version of Deadalus in order to restore your wallet"
I don’t expect any requirement to re-install or recover your former settings after the next update.

BTW: You can expect v1.1 in a couple of hours

For your understanding: your coins are not stored only on your computer but also in the cardano blockchain. So even if your computer hard disk fails and you have to reinstall (same or new version of) Daedalus, just restore your wallet, by using the recovery phrase.


When I get a new PC and want access to the fund through my new PC, Do I just download and install Daedalus wallet on the new PC and restore wallet using the 12-word recovery phrase in order to have access to my fund?

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That is the correct method @jiangh77.


I just wanted to verify…

“your coins are not stored only on your computer but also in the cardano blockchain. So even if your computer hard disk fails and you have to reinstall (same or new version of) Daedalus, just restore your wallet, by using the recovery phrase.”

To be honest, I have been a little apprehensive in sending my coins from the exchange to a hard wallet because I have read from other threads that when one recovers the Deadalus Wallet, there wallet appears however the coins are not there?


I traded mine from binance, went char by char on the wallet that I was transferring it to, and did a test run with a small amount of ADA before moving my investment. It all worked out fine within 10 min (the time it took me to take a shower and check on it again). Also, if you’re nervous about the wallet before the update, then ADA is also now stored on another wallet as well. However, I would just download the Daedalus from the cardano website and go from there.

Beware that there are viruses out there that will change your QR code or your wallet address to their address. So, please triple check the address before movikng your money.


Is there any hardware wallet that can store ADA right now?
I think the website is saying Ledger is working on storing ADA.

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Daedalus stores ADA for sure. I know there is one more new one, but the name escapes me. Daedalus is probably your best bet as of right now. If they are updating it, then just hold off moving it until tomorrow or the day after. The odds of anything bad happening on an exchange are very low. (Don’t worry, I knocked on wood after typing that)


I can’t confirm to have ever seen this, durring a lot of tests. I tried all kind of transactions, created multiple wallets on same and different computers. Moved value from/to exchanges and other peoples ADA wallets.

Let’s assume you had moved all your ADA within one transaction from exchange to your wallet. You can use this transaction recipient address, and see the value there in https://cardanoexplorer.com
As long as you can’t see any outgoing transaction this amount of ADA is stored there, in the blockchain.
Your wallet setup contains the secret key, allowing you to simply turn on your computer, and start Daedalus to have access to your wallet.
If this setup is lost because of a unsuccessful Daedalus update (I don’t expect this) or because your computer’s harddisk fails (I definitely expect this sooner ot later) than you can use the written recovery phrase to setup your wallet again. This gives you access again to the your values stored on the Cardano blockchain.


New update is rolling out today, will be done propagating through the network by tomorrow morning European time. Paper wallets are coming in April.

1.1 update release


The update has been delayed by 24 hours “to include some last minute refinements”.


That’s a bummer, was pretty excited to see how many of the change log items they were able to fit in the update. Guess we’ll have to wait a little while longer, nice catch @RobJF.


The source code just appeared on github so maybe not the full 24 hours – deployment takes around 12 hours apparently.


My sync screen is updated with Cardano logo… and looks like I’m stuck at the sync for the first time. :confused:


I still have the 0.8.2 version. How come it has never been updated?
Will there be an offline version of the 1.1 version?


It should be propagating through the network. You will see an update notification when it the update has reached you.

Keep in mind that the update was pushed back by Charles to add some last minute features. So if not today then tommorow. You will receive a notification when opening daedulus.

Hope this helps you Alex.


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Now downloadable from https://daedaluswallet.io/#download


I don’t have any version of Daedalus Wallet installed on my PC right now, when I download and install Daedalus Wallet version 1.1.4883 for windows on my PC, when there is newer version of the wallet later on, will the wallet update itself automatically or should I uninstall the wallet version 1.1.4883 then install the newer wallet version on my PC?

And is there a hardware wallet I can store my ADA on?

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The current version can simply be installed on top of the previous one, I’d expect future updates to be the same.

No there is no hardware wallet yet but work is proceeding for the Ledger Nano S.