Looking for Meme

I’m not over crazy about Memes because i’m from the older generation. However they have grown on me and i must say i love a real good classy meme. However saying that i do realize my choose of likes can be light years from another users. Sean i regard the meme movement on CF as your initiative and all though not always shown by likes i can guaranteed almost all users would have looked at them all. You need to get the ball rolling again. If i may make a suggestion. I prefer quality before quantity, meaning guys and girls in stead of posting 3 or 4 of a type rather spend a little more time in producing 1 or 2 good ones to post. More importantly Sean why don’t you kick off, say every fortnight in giving a Topic title for submitting memes ie Test Net. I might even submit one myself someday but i do appreciate and enjoy your contribution.

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