Lost all ADA from my YOROI Wallet - HACKED!

Are you suggesting my email has been hacked? it has a v strong password…:-0

I don’t know what to think, how scammers get access to the funds :frowning:

Must be a security issue with other app ; did u also used yoroi on desktop/PC?

Jesus christ I just checked my Exodus app and I have lost all my BTC as well.

No. Yoroi just on android

Then it wasn’t an issue with the yoroi… somehow your device has been hacked :frowning:
Now u must be strong!

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i am realy with you my friend, so sorry for your lost of ada&btc somehow they got in to your phone​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:.stay strong head up family& health first,start again buying ada its not 2 late​:pray:

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When you copy and paste all the info is stored on a clipboard. Clipboard is easily accessed by any program and can be copied and read by anyone with out you knowing. You must never copy and paste your passwords/ phrases especially on mobile devices like that iOS or Android. On a PC when you restart the system the clipboard is usually erased, but no one usually resets their phones and mobile devices. You can check out this video that shows how easily your copy and paste can be captured.

and this

This show how iPhones /iPads are unsecure, but the same can be placed on Android.

You should assume that any password you copied and pasted on that device is compromised and notify exchanges and banks that you use. Also, check for unusual activity in the emails. Such as password resets that you didn’t request.

You should assume they have the info by now. Make changes to stop them from continuing this attack.
Hope you catch them in time to stop even more damage.

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what service did you use bro?

Why don’t you use a wallet with very high security? Decentralized wallets like MetaMask Wallet and Coinbase Wallet

Metamask for Cardano?

lol, I read it wrong, have you leaked the mnemonic?

Yes, he will transfer all your balance

Of course he will, no matter how secure the wallet is.

Is your mnemonic not protected?How much did you lose?

I doubt that anyone will answer. These cases are all several months old and the people were not active in the forum since then.

The original poster never came back, the second one just had a glitch in Yoroi, while two to three others had hacks/malware.

Doesn’t have to be the seed phrase that was compromised, could also have been the secret stored on disk by the wallet app, so you don’t have to give your seed phrase every time. (Basically, if you don’t have to give your seed phrase, something just as dangerous has to be stored somewhere.)

sad to hear bro
Did you access the service from a public wifi? or shared computer? or do you think your computer was spied on (keylogged/trojan/etc), or do you think the service itself was hacked and your data was retrieved from their servers?

Hello All,
I lost all of my ADA from Yoroi wallet.
Transaction happened last week and i traced down the address in blockchain and address is whale which holds around 125M ADA. Is same thing happening regularly on YOROI ? …can please your thoughts.

Do u remeber if u entered the seed words in any suspicious applications? I am using yoroi since 2019 and I don’t had any issue

Also that address looks like an exchange wallet


Nope …i haven’t entered seed phrase other than eternl wallet.


Besides fake wallets or fake tech support that make people give up their seed phrase, the most common way I saw that hackers gain access is if you copy + paste your passwords or seed phrases or if you took a picture or screen shot of those passwords or seed phrases. Those are most easily accessible to almost any hack.

If you did do that, then that device and any other passwords you have saved this way are compromised. You need to change them all using different device before they use other passwords to hack even further (especially if they have access to your email).

Did you check your Yoroi wallet address, since you mentioned that it was gone from Yoroi?
This way you can exclude wrong seed phrase.

Did you make sure to download new wallet from official source?
Some fake apps going around. If you download fake wallet and enter your seed phrase it will drain your wallet.