Lost Transaction?


Sorry this has probably been asked before, I have held ADA for a few years but kind of a newbie, with transferring ADA between Yoroi and Exchanges.

Yesterday I sent a small amount of ADA from my Yoroi wallet to my BitPanda account, for a test transaction, but they never arrived in the account, In Yoroi it has 230 confirmations. Today I transferred another small amount and it was successfully deposited in my bitpanda account, so then I transferred a larger amount, but again they never appeared in my account, Yoroi is stating 200 confirmations, any idea on how I can go about getting the 2 “lost” transactions back from yesterday and today?

You have proof on the blockchain (you can use links from https://cardanoscan.io or https://adaex.org) to show as a proof, and send a ticket to BitPanda support. Transactions are not lost if you see confirmations, it’s probably a delay from exchange as they consolidate large fund transactions in one go.

Regardless, BitPanda support should be able to sort that out for you

excellent, thanks a lot!

I have also had this problem but I sent my whole lot of ADA to bit panda, yoroi shows as confirmed but there is no sign on bit panda not even a pending.