Yoroi Wallet (I need help)

I withdrew Cardano coins from my Bitpanda account to send them to my Yoroi wallet but they didn’t arrive. What should I do?


Can u share the transaction id?


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Hi @Nicolas1 . What is your status in Bitpanda account? Is it “Pending”, “Processing” or “Successful”?

Maybe it takes time until your ADA get transferred to your Yoroi wallet.


The status is “successful”. I heard that Bitpanda had some issues with verifications yesterday. Could it be because Yoroi renews the address of a wallet after every transaction and the verification of the withdrawal of my Cardano coins in my Bitpanda account took so long, that my coins arrived at an address that no longer exists? If that’s the case is there any way to get then back? Thank you in advance!

Okay, if it’s successful. As per what @Alexd1985 asked, could you provide the Transaction ID (maybe in your e-mail or your Bitpanda account.

And put that Transaction ID to Cardano Explorer → Cardano Explorer
(put the screenshot or Transaction ID in here)

Just check whether your ADA is successfully transferred to your Yoroi wallet address. Thanks.

Daedalus/Yoroi wallet will have several receive address generated. So it should be fine. No problem at all with the addresses that generated from the wallet.

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The Cardano Explorer says that the “received time” was “one day ago”. Do you know what that means? My Yoroi Wallet didn’t receive any coins yet.

Share the transaction ID please

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Sorry, I don’t want to share my transaction ID. What do you want to do with it? Nonetheless, thank you for your helpfulness!


No problem!


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Hey, I looked up my transaction ID on Cardanoscan and it says that the Balance is 5000 ADA but the status says that it’s inactive. Do you know what that means? I appreciate your help!

Hi @Nicolas1 , I need more information or screenshot (could not do analysis without adequate information).

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I think that wallet is not delegated in any stake pool at the moment. That 5000 ADA is just sitting there in the wallet, not even delegated. I hope I answer your question @Nicolas1

This is from the Cardano documentation:

In the Shelley era of Cardano, every stakeholder can have two sets of keys and addresses:

  • Payment Keys and addresses: To send and receive transactions
  • Stake Keys and addresses: To control protocol participation, create a stake pool, delegate and receive rewards.
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Ah ok, thanks! Cardanoscan says that the Balance of the address is 5000 ADA but my Yoroi wallet doesn’t show them. So does that mean that they arrived but weren’t put into my wallet?

Might be. Just wait for several hours until your Yoroi wallet sync or updated. But if the balance in your Yoroi address states that it has 5000 ADA, that means your wallet already has 5000 ADA. I don’t know why it’s not showing in your device (web/mobile).

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Can I send you my transaction ID so you can look at the full picture? It’s: addr1qyr5guedn0uehekrpaw5s2z5a447g3s8phdstxs2nvpy79ekmswccmu9hwengwyl2m4n3lx7f37p6mvpwf3p8h44td6qln3lav
I thank you in advance for any help you can give!

As far as I understand, your Yoroi wallet has 5010 ADA at the moment. It came from 1st received transaction (10 ADA) + 2nd received transaction (5000 ADA).

Problem with your Yoroi maybe. Try to restore your Yoroi wallet and check if you are able to see the correct balance afterwards. Please do check Yoroi website, on how to restore Yoroi wallet. Thanks.

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Thank you!

Sorry, if im bordering you. Do you have link that leads to that article?

Hmmm, you can go to your Google Chrome browser > click your Yoroi Extensions > Add New Wallet > click Restore Wallet > and just follow the rest.

If it doesn’t work, you can try 2nd option, to see your balance in Daedalus desktop app (only install desktop app, there is no mobile Daedalus its a scam)

See this article for 2nd option → Restore a Yoroi wallet into Daedalus – IOHK Support

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