Yoroi Wallet (I need help)

You can go to receive tab in yoroi and check if this address is present there… if yes just refresh the app… if u are using mobile version pull down with the finger on main dashboard (transaction )


I see many times these days the sync error message



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Next time if needed, @Alexd1985 is IMO very good with solving issues like this. Just info for further issues :bird:


It worked. Thank you so much! Can you send me your PayPal address so I can send you some money for your help?

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No need @Nicolas1 . Just click like on all of my replies in this post, that would be sufficient. Glad to help. Have a great day man :beer:

And visiting my topic would be great also & you could find some guide there:

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Also u can support @andreassosilo by delegating to his pool for rewards

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Maybe you could refer @Nicolas1 to your stake pool @Alexd1985 :smile: I don’t run any stake pool.

I am just a translator, delegator and would like to be blockchain developer in Cardano network soon.

Thanks anyway.

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