Making a better way for Creators to monetize their content

I know theta is working on something similar but I’ve been dreaming of a day where content creators such as myself are able to better self monetize. I don’t understand why youtube doesn’t already have a way where users can have a check box in their settings to activate the ability for viewers / companies to bid or purchase an ad during a livestream or video. For example, the creator would be livestreaming and he would see a notification on the livestream dashboard saying McDonalds wants to run a 5 second ad on your video for a price and you can choose to accept or deny it and maybe they choose how long that ad runs for. so if you’re making a review video about a new camera, that camera company could directly post their link on the video and pay the creator with a token so that payment goes directly to the creator and they can see exactly how much they are making from which ad partner.

Also, same goes for in the chat during a livestream. There should be the ability for people to pay a token to upload images to the chat and the creator could accept or deny them. this would change so much for creators. they could be part of a system sort of like theta or even twitch bits where you’re tipped / paid in a token but also allow for its trade within the website with better advertising tools.

Also, today I saw the charles video about the blue checkmark and scammers. I dont know why but youtube also recently removed the ability to right click on someones name in a livestream chat to be taken over to their channel to verify who they are. So if someone came to my channel saying he was Elon musk, i could click on the name to see if it would take me to the real elon channel but they removed it so now there’s no way for anyone to verify if the person in chat is the real person or just someone who made an account with a fake name. there’s absolutely no way to be taken to that persons channel.

now, I dont want this to sound like a bitchfest about youtube. I’ve been on dLive and even the dTube site which was paying in steem at one point i believe? a lot of these other sites have their own issues too but Right now yt and even twitch take such a high percentage from creators and we aren’t even allowed to post our own merch for sale. We have to have an account with T-spring and their quality sucks. Why not allow companies that have an API to allow for a connection where you can sell from other companies instead of just them. to avoid scammers they would just need a verification system like the ones that all DEX’s are using right now for KYC. If a large company like google is paying me for my youtube videos, then why can’t they verify who i am and allow me to post my own merch and bring in my own advertisers. Or even if people want to donate to me they take 30% of that donation and never even have a way to calculate everything correctly so there’s no way to know how much they are actually taking. so people end up donating through 3rd party services just like streamlabs and stream elements where the money goes directly to the creator. even paypal takes a cut.

Being able to donate with notifications showing up on livestream should be a feature of youtube along with everything else i mentioned above. I Used to be an old school php web programmer and ive thought for ages about building a site with these features to allow the power back in the hands of the creators. also would be cool to have a forum type of page where people can put in new feature requests and the community can vote on it. the spam and report features could be handled by community and paid in tokens if their flag is verified by a certain percentage of the community. crappy videos could be down voted but would maybe have a way where it’s too expensive for someone to spam downvote a video. i know there are large groups of people that could band together to up or downvote but there are some ways to fight back this issue too. I love what theta is doing about bandwidth, servers for a livestreaming site as big as twitch or youtube would cost hundreds of thousands a month right? so now that there’s a way to build all of this decentralized, what would it take to make this happen on Cardano or another blockchain? I have so many more ideas but I feel like maybe it’s just not done because it would take the money away from their hands and they wouldnt be able to afford the devs or gear to run those types of sites but what about now with blockchain technology and easier access to processing power?

just throwing some ideas out there and wondering what it would take or what kinda team to make something like this happen sooner than later.


Check out LBRY foundation, I think they do it with Odysee. Anyway I would like to see a Cardano version as well.

thanks, i will look into this tonight.

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Hola TheDro
De lo leído, concluyo “CARDANO MEDIOS”, mucho mas completo que LBRY y su cryptomoneda, con un token vinculado a un indice de las crypto más liquidas del mercado.

@juanlazo ¿Tiene un enlace para “CARDANO MEDIOS”?

I’m working on something similar, we have a web app being built out. And we are looking to convert to Dapp. Need help, if you find anyone interested in working on something like this.