[MAL] Maladex - Research Driven Cardano DEX's official Stake Pool (ISO)

Hi Cardano Community!

We are the team behind https://maladex.com a DeFi revolution in the making.

DApp that we work on would commonly be characterised as DEX and yield aggregator, but that would be a misunderstanding. We build an exchange from the first principles (we have years of professional financial experience as Haskell devs, quants, and researchers) whose goal is to one day move from DApp on Cardano to its own side chain to combat the biggest centralised exchanges such as NYSE and NASDAQ.

The swapping protocol that we build right now is focused on high capital efficiency and programmability (yes, our swaps will be programmable). You can read about it right now in our Catalyst proposal: https://cardano.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Maladex-Algorithmic-Swaps-Protocol/368774-48088, and in the future in our research paper.

However, swapping protocol is just the beginning of the road. Check our roadmap for our humble vision for the next 3 years: Maladex - Cardano DEX.

Next to decentralised exchange we build passive and active investment strategies from yield farming to active fund management (akin to hedge funds in TradFi, but completely decentralized and without monetary boundary to entry).

Now onto the purpose of this post - introduction of our pool.

We firmly believe that the best part to understand something is to do it, and this has been true with our experience running MAL pool since the epoch 271. We take active participation in SPO discussions and calls, ask questions, submit comments, and share information.

What’s unique about our pool is the ISO (Initial Stake Offering) model. At the time of writing we run a single pool (and are strongly opposed to running multiple pools), have variable fee 0%, and we airdrop our platform tokens to delegators.

Pool Ticker: [MAL]

ISO: Delegators earn MAL tokens along with ADA when their delegation is active.

Pool Details: [MAL] Maladex - Research Driven Cardano DEX | Cardano Staking

Pool infrastructure: DigitialOcean droplets, UK-based, twice the recommended configuration for future growth.

Pool redundancy: regular backups and full image snapshots of BP and relays - follower BP node (receiving data, but not sending it out), in a different geo region, ready to be switched to.

Feel free to ask us any questions on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or here.

Website: https://maladex.com

Discord: Maladex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CardanoMaladex

Whitepaper: Catalyst Fund5 Application - Google Docs (updated white paper coming this month)

Catalyst proposals for fund 6:

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Ok, but when starts your ISO or ISPO?

Forget this, it’s just bullshit! Tokenomic just isn’t possible for a dex. It stinks of ignorance or scam…