Map of Shelley testnet Livestream

Digital Fortress has been airing live on YouTube the network map their node connects to on the Shelley testnet, live chat on channel too, pretty cool


Very very cool,need more node to connect in africa,south america middle east far east lines all over the globel map.

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I am willing to pledge a donation for Africa, the Middle east, and South Americain the form of a Rockpi if people in those places are willing and capable to setup the node and have the ability to maintain it on the network, let’s get this protocol decentralized! (I will have to do proper vetting for those willing to maintain a node in those areas before I order a Rockpi for them, I reserve the right to disqualify anyone based on any discussion involved in providing equipment for the area they hail from) if there is anyone interested they can feel free to PM me here on the forum.