Meet Cardano Ambassador, Vasil St. Dabov

Today’s interview is with Vasil St. Dabov, one of Cardano’s Ambassadors.

Vasil is not only knowledgeable on Blockchain in general but he also have in-depth knowledge about Cardano and its development philosophy.

Vasil is a Blockchain Advisor, Haskell Practitioner and a Holonist.

He is also the man who was been planting thousands of Ginko trees.

Want to find out what Vasil has to say about the Ginko trees and the reason we should take care of our planet? Then be sure to watch the full interview.

Other topics discussed are:

  • background + his involvement introducing Microsoft in his home country

  • Cardano

  • Haskel

  • Plutus

  • Ouroboros


And many more.

Its a pleasure speaking to Vasil.

He is an inspiring individual, one with lots of knowledge and life experience. look forward to catching up with him more often.


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Vasil is a Super intelligent humble guy! Cardano project should feel honored to have a person like Vasil on board.


I saw Charles greet him warmly at Plutusfest in December, I think he’s appreciated, at the top at least.

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I fully agree with you. The very first time I spoke to him we spent over an hour talking over the phone.

Two hours later we had this interview.
He is intelligent, warm-hearted, humble, family oriented and very passionate about planting and preserving Ginko trees.

He reminds me a lot of my father.

This is not the only interview we did with him :wink:


Rob, I believe he is indeed!
When you get to know him you understand why he is soo loved by many.

He is truly genuine and brings along a sense of peace with him as well.

Good to have him aboard indeed.