Vasil Dabov and the Vasil Hard Fork; homage to a great man

Vasil Dabov and the Vasil Hard Fork; homage to a great man.

Vasil Dabov: A Man of Nature and Mathematics

Vasil Dabov began his life in Bulgaria earning a degree in mathematics and starting his life of entrepreneurship to build a better life for his family.

Dabov was deeply interested in the field of algebra, and was a brilliant mind in mathematics. He had a heart for mathematics that many others did not share, and was brilliant with his calculations and his rhetoric.

Vasil Dabov: A Family Man

But Dabov was more than an entrepenuer and more than a mathemtician, he was a true family-oriented man. With a loving and large family, he aimed to provide the best life and opportunities for his family to let them truly succeed greater than he ever could. Vasil Dabov wanted others to prosper even if he would not be able to prosper with them.

Not only was Dabov a loving family man, but he was a man of nature. Dabov loved nature almost as much as his family, with a goal of restoring Mother Nature by planting trees across the globe. He wanted to help sustain the nature he loved ever so much, and planted trees in which he would never be able to enjoy their true growth, just as he would never be able to see his family’s growth. He wanted to help the world prosper, even if he couldn’t be there to enjoy the rewards of his efforts.

Charles Hoskinson pays homage to Vasil Dabov with a beautiful tribute.

Vasil Dabov: A Man of Cardano

Vasil Dabov was also an avid Cardano community member and long-term Ambassador to the project. He was a close friend of the Cardano Founder; Charles Hoskinson, and was a trusted confidante and a great man among the Cardano community. He helped build the community, informing one more person about Cardano day by day, helping people learn and feel welcome into the community each and every day!

Because of his efforts both in and outside of the Cardano community, we truly must praise this great man for his efforts for his family, nature, and the community we cherish.

Vasil Dabov’s Legacy Immortalized On The Blockchain

Because of his great efforts to grow and sustain the Cardano community from the very beginning, Vasil Dabov will forever be immortalized on the blockchain by the upcoming Vasil Hard Fork aiming to increase scalability and efficiency overall on the blockchain. His name will forever be cherished and immortalized on the Cardano Blockchain because as Charles Hoskinson said, “Cardano is here to stay.”


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