Mega -partnership announcement 31.1.2019!?


From press release: ”Cardano will become the protocol of choice for Y2X and its portfolio firms, to enhance usage of the technology, especially in the field of regulated STOs, therefore providing an increased value add to ADA holders.”

I think this strategy to buy these promising future companies is the exactly same thing Facebook, Google etc have been doing to get ti the pole position.


Now that’s a way to boost adoption.


From Y2X homepage:"…We will finance our unique investment model through a global offering of Y2X Equity Tokens…"

If I understand it right, the future of Cardano (and Ada) will be in Y2X and other tokens, which are connected to mother -coin Ada via sidechains. If this is the future of blockchains, Cardano seems to be way ahead the competitors.


Wall Street money is coming! Future is bright! :rofl:


Bright indeed! Think about penthouse with 5 meter high roof and big windows to the sea - is that bright future or what?