Mega -partnership announcement 31.1.2019!?



NHK maybe?


The only thing I like better than mega partnerships are super-mega partnerships! :grinning:

I’m definitely looking forward to this.


lol!!! how mega you want it to be !! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ultimate-super-mega would be outstanding! :smiley:


Given that the talk is going to be about STOs, I’m thinking a fitting and probable announcement would be Nikkei or Tokyo Stock Exchange or something along those lines.


I have my fingers crossed for Nintendo! That would definitely be Ultimate-super-mega!


A super mega-party ship? Great! :metal:


Donnybaseball - best loughs of the week :rofl


Happy if Cardano is going to have some STO launches. But lets just see what this is all about could be anything. Have to say that EMURGO so far is really doing its tasks and job well done !


Can’t say it better, outstanding activity and professionalism, thanks Emurgo!


Announcement coming soon!


Thanks for the announcement of the announcement :smile:


I find that I often enjoy the announcement of the announcement more than the announcement itself!


I’m so glad you announced that Fred :smile:


Anyone else waiting up for this?


Waiting for you to link to whatever they announce :wink:


I hope it happens soon. So I can go to bed.


Here it is:

More on Y2X


Press release:

Pretty cool!