Memory Growth & VM Cost

Hi Gang,

Over the last 6 months memory requirements have grown significantly (doubled) for relays specifically. Most recently I’ve hit a point where I require 16 GB of RAM (I think, possibly more).

Should I expect this to be a trend as transaction rates increase? Do I need to start looking at 24 and 32 GB of RAM? That big of a VM will cause me to lose a lot of money in any cloud provider for a small pool.

Relay specs: 12 GB Ram 6 CPU VM:

Should be enough

How about 6 months from now? I guess the point was more so around seeing a trend where the RAM requirements doubled over 6 months. As transaction rates pick up due to Cardono being awesome :smiley:, will relay load increase?

Nope, the team will work to improve the versions

Thanks for the input