I’m updating my pledge based on the coincashew guide, and am using the latest node version (1.25), and get the below error (some data redacted). I’ve included the commands and output:

REDACTED@REDACTED:~/cardano-my-node$ cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate
–cold-verification-key-file $HOME/cold-keys/node.vkey
–vrf-verification-key-file vrf.vkey
–pool-pledge 1000000000000
–pool-cost 345000000
–pool-margin 0.015
–pool-reward-account-verification-key-file stake.vkey
–pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey
–single-host-pool-relay SERVER1.REDACTED.COM
–pool-relay-port 6000
–single-host-pool-relay SERVER1.REDACTED.COM
–pool-relay-port 6000
–single-host-pool-relay SERVER1.REDACTED.COM
–pool-relay-port 6000
–single-host-pool-relay SERVER1.REDACTED.COM
–pool-relay-port 6000
–single-host-pool-relay SERVER1.REDACTED.COM
–pool-relay-port 6000
–metadata-url https://www.REDACTED.COM/poolMetaData.json>
–metadata-hash REDACTEDHASH
–out-file pool.cert
Invalid argument `REDACTEDHASH’

Usage: cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate (–stake-pool-verification-key STRING |

                                                     --cold-verification-key-file FILE)
                                                   (--vrf-verification-key STRING |
                                                     --vrf-verification-key-file FILE)
                                                   --pool-pledge LOVELACE
                                                   --pool-cost LOVELACE
                                                   --pool-margin DOUBLE 
                                                   (--pool-reward-account-verification-key STRING |
                                                     --pool-reward-account-verification-key-file FILE)
                                                   (--pool-owner-verification-key STRING |
                                                     --pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file FILE)
                                                     [--pool-relay-ipv4 STRING]
                                                     [--pool-relay-ipv6 STRING]
                                                     --pool-relay-port INT |
                                                     --single-host-pool-relay STRING
                                                     [--pool-relay-port INT] |
                                                     --multi-host-pool-relay STRING]
                                                   [--metadata-url URL
                                                     --metadata-hash HASH] 
                                                   (--mainnet | 
                                                     --testnet-magic NATURAL)
                                                   --out-file FILE

Create a stake pool registration certificate

Any ideas??


U need to provide the hash of the metadata file not the name

8.2. Get the hash of your metadata JSON file:

This validates that the JSON fits the required schema, if it does, you will get the hash of your file.

cardano-cli shelley stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file pool_Metadata.json >6bf124f217d0e5a0a8adb1dbd8540e1334280d49ab861127868339f43b3948af


Thanks I did that, and the hash gets saved into poolMetaDataHash.txt

Then the command for this part is:

You need to enter the hash


  • shelley sub-command is deprecated, don’t use it anymore

The command I’m using to generate hash is:

cardano-cli stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file poolMetaData.json > poolMetaDataHash.txt

So I dont think it’s depreciated.

no man, I’m speaking about shelley subcommand from the example provided…