Microsoft digital identity standard

Interesting article. Good for the industry. Interesting to see Facebook’s rejection of it.


Nice article, IMO this’s a big step, kuddos for the (well-hated) MS.

Is this the DID standard that Charles has mentioned? I didn’t think MS invented it.

Not sure. Microsoft was a founding member of this group per the article:

Yes, that DID. :slight_smile:
It’s a W3C’s (CCG) draft (some would say standard) for Decentralised IDs, but hopefully, it will be a real standard when it matures.

Some standards remain drafts for a long time while becoming de-facto. I was just thinking MS was being a bit self-promotional for joining a standard, probably late. Just because they were a founding member doesn’t mean they weren’t fighting it with their own variant until they couldn’t anymore.

But, the main issue is that it is always good to have a decent standard that most groups are following, and the ID standard is key to a lot of things. Good stuff, thanks.