Migrated Pool: Core has error

I operate pool MSPN fine on AWS for months.
I am migrating the servers to self-hosted, and the Relay is operating without error.

I re-registered the pool with the new external IP address - it seems the transaction when through.

BUT: the relay is still showing the external IP

In the logs for Core, this error repeats each second:

[a5c87ea8:cardano.node.Forge:Error:3655] [2022-03-10 09:57:54.00 UTC] fromList [("val",Object (fromList [("kind",String "TraceForgeStateUpdateError"),("reason",Object (fromList [("forgeStateUpdateError",Object (fromList [("kesInfo",Object (fromList [("endPeriod",Number 387.0),("evolution",Number 0.0),("kind",String "KESInfo"),("startPeriod",Number 325.0)])),("kind",String "KESKeyAlreadyPoisoned"),("targetPeriod",Number 427.0)])),("kind",String "HardForkForgeStateUpdateError")])),("slot",Number 5.5339983e7)])),("credentials",String "Cardano")]

gLiveView shows no error on Core, the node is syncing fine:

Can anyone please help?

hmm… it looks that the KES expired today… are u sure u not copied some old files to ur local Producer?

If not then it’s time to rotate the KES
U have the steps on coincashew guide


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@Alexd1985 Thanks, that was the problem!
I also used the wrong pool-registration.cert when re-registering the pool.

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You’re welcome :beers: