Mining ada procedure

Hola Diego! ADA can’t be mined as it is not a Proof-of Work consensus, however much better, it can be staked…
What does it mean? Basically, the transaction confirmations are not done with hardware but with your already owned ADA. You might find this link (scroll down to Proof of Stake and Minting) interesting about Cardano PoS. Here is another cool explanation about PoS.

Here is a detailed explanation of the Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake algorithm, the most important part of the protocol.

It supports the network in a decentralised fashion, you need to keep your Daedalus wallet online for it to work. As a reward, you get a % of your already owned coins. Large stakeholders can in addition earn transaction fees. The Reward Era will start in Q2 2018 as you can see on the roadmap